A Godlike Good Kid

 A Godlike Good Kid is an interactive comic book experience that will take you on a journey through an enigmatic, magical world. As a “God” of this world, help Faye through her misadventures and unravel the mystery of the lost memories. Imagine Telltale-like storytelling, where the player’s point of view is beyond the fourth wall, and your actions change the world.

Time of Release : June 2016
Platforms : iOS (iPad exclusive), Android (under Dev)
Tools & Tech : Unity, C#, Fungus

This game was a part of our capstone project in our Master's program at UC Santa Cruz. The team consisted of 4 developers, 14 artists and 2 audio designers.

My role in the team
-Developer and the Development Director
-Developed levels and worked on scene implementations
-Assisted in Level Design,  affordance improvements and UX
-Implemented Agile (Scrum) Methodology with bi-weekly sprints for the development process of the project.
-Worked closely with the Producer and Art team in designing  the project development schedule and ensuring deadlines     are met with minimal loss in Quality of deliverables.
- Also assisted in creating Art assets for animation and affordance improvement purposes.
Follow us on :  http://www.agodlikegoodkid.com 


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Capital Chronicles

Capital Chronicles is an episodic text based narrative game having multiple story branches running under a primary story thread. The plot inspires from various real life incidents emphasizing on the social issues present in many parts of India. Play to uncover the plot and attempt to solve the challenges via tough decisions.

Developed as part of curriculum related project for the course Interactive Narrative. Built on a Content Selection Architecture where the designer has to author aspects like text, Visuals (2D Images), Audio clips and need not worry about code or back end functionality.  The architecture supports other features like tweaking of Fade times (Lerp), branching narrative and save/load functionality.

Platforms : PC, Android (under Dev)
Tools & Tech : Unity, C#, Photoshop

My role in the project
-Solo Developer and Designer
-Built the Content Selection Architecture from scratch
-Authored the story in Twine
-Created the Art Assets and authored the audio visual components of the Content Units
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A Leaf Story

One of those Undergrad bedroom projects, A Leaf Story is a casual 2-D game with a simplistic control scheme analogous to quick drag and drop. Time based gameplay, similar to infinite runners A Leaf Story  is a casual game meant to be played without much learning overhead. A Leaf Story  was developed using Phaser - a Javascript game engine for making HTML5 cross platform games.

Platforms : Android, PC, iOS (not released)
Tools & Tech : Javascript (Phaser), GIMP, Autodesk Sketchbook, Intel XDK
Code Repo : Git

My role in the project
-Co Developer (2 person team)
-Built various standalone modules for the game
-Created the Art Assets using GIMP and Autodesk Sketchbook
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June - Short Interactive thriller

-June was the first solo prototype developed as part of the curriculum at UC  Santa Cruz
-It is a first person exploration game where the player is stranded at an abandoned motel
-Made in Unity
-Scripted in C#
-Platform : PC
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-Aramesh was a 2-D platformer developed as a part of second prototype during the course
-Objective of the game was to design a game to evoke a particular emotion
-The player has to control the visibility of the level while trying to move through the level 
-Made in Unity
-Scripted in C#
-Platform : PC


Nikhil Bagul
Kasra Rofouei
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Where's my package ?

-Where's my package  was developed as a part of curriculum project during the class of Generative Methods at UCSC
-It is a first person Infinite runner with procedurally generated track
-PCG is obtained via prefab based instantiation
-Made in Unity, Scripted in C#
-Platform : PC
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-Black Jack  was a digital prototype of the card game Black Jack made in C++ using the in built graphics.h library
-Solo project
-Made in C++  (Turbo C++ : IDE)
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Objective - MAYRA

-Objective-MAYRA  is a level designed as a part of the curriculum project during the Level Design class at GPM UCSC.
-Solo project - Design and white-box prototyping
-Made in Unity
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Pong  (Clone)

-Pong (Clone) developed as a tribute to the forerunner of games industry.
-Solo project
-Made in Unity 5.3
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